Job Creation Program

Job Creation Program

The program was established in 1989. It was established when IMANI came to realize that providing skills training in itself was not enough to stimulate the self-reliance of the urban poor. The job creation program concentrates on the most difficult aspect of IMANI’s work, that of supporting the growth of local small enterprises that could potentially provide job opportunities and help people into wage or self-employment. It focuses on job attachment and placement of trainees and graduates respectively, development of business skills for small businesses and access to credit for business development through the micro-finance component.

JCP offers the following services among others:

  • Development of small and medium enterprises through Business Management Training (BMT) and Micro Credit Support
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Placement, Attachment and Business incubation
  • Production and Marketing
Business Management Training

Four to five one-week business courses are offered each year to about 20-25 participants per session. Topics include entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and business organization. IMANI also offers special business skills courses to semi-literate clients.

Micro Enterprise Eevelopment

The JCP program is involved in development of micro enterprises among other activities with an objective of employment creation. Businesses with growth potential in terms of job creation re identified and assisted through training and credit. The program’s target are existing businesses and startups within Eastlands part of Nairobi

Creating Employment Opportunities

An industrial liaison officer is in charge of seeking out job opportunities in the organization.

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