Kennedy Kioko

Kennedy Kioko

I am Kennedy Kioko, alumni of Chaminade Training Centre. I was enrolled in 2013 and specialized in Metal work. Since my parents were not earning enough money o carry me through my tertiary education, an organization based in Mukuru kwa Reuben where I stayed opted to pay my college fees. Knowing my background I opted to work hard in school. The Education at CTC was all round, that is, academic skills, formation of faith and my teacher Mr. Nicholas Kamau became my mentor. When I reflect on my experience at Chaminade, I feel quite motivated to move on with life in a very positive way.

After my completion of studies at CTC, I have been able to work in various Institutions, that is, APZ, Titans and other individual shops in Tassia. My daily Payments have been Ksh. 600 per day. This amount has enabled me to assist my parents in meeting some of the basic needs. I shall be moving to mlolongo for a new contract which begins in mid February and ends in July 2015. My next text plan is to begin a business in partnership with another colleague. I now feel ready to move into my own house in Tassia. The house will cost Ksh. 3,000 per month.

My advice to current CTC student’s is to be committed in whatever they do as this would enable them achieve their goal in life. It would of great importance to them to heed their instructors’ guidance.

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