Veronicah Nyabonyi Mokono

Veronicah Nyabonyi Mokono

BACKGROUND OF VERONICAH NYABONYI MOKONO- KNITTING CTC/KN/5606/2015 COURSE AT CTC                                                                          


Veronica was born on 25th April 1971 to the family of Mary Moraa and John Mokono. She managed to study up to form one. Veronica married Thomas Mboya in 1996. They have five children, the 1st born is married, 2nd born is in form three and stays with her aunt in Nakuru; 3rd born is in standard 8 and leaves in Mukuru kwa Reuben with his maternal uncle; 4th born is in standard 3 and stays with maternal grandfather while the last born stays with Veronica and is in pre-unit. From the narration above, one can easily deduce that veronica only stays with one child and the other 3 are with relatives. The reason behind this is that the family opted to divide the children among themselves after Veronica got an accident. The aim was to help veronica in taking care of the basic needs and education of the children. This reduced stress in her life as well.

Veronica was involved in an accident at Donholm in August 2014, she had gone shopping at Naivas and was carried in a motorcycle.  A trailer came behind them, hooted and the motorcyclist paved way and even stopped. Unfortunately she doesn’t know what happened. All she remembers is that she found herself on lying on the tarmacked road and her right leg couldn’t move. Ironically the motorcyclist and her son who were both on the motorbike weren’t touched by the trailer. She was then rushed to Kenyatta Hospital and a week later the right leg was amputated.  

Life has not been easy for veronica after the incidence, she initially used to work at a company where they prepared French beans in readiness for exportation. With one leg, she could not resume work and had to rely on her husband who is a cobbler to survive. Since she was used to earning her own money to support the family, she opted to join Machine knitting at Chaminade Training Centre (CTC) in July 2015. Veronica chose the course because she only requires her hands to knit. Veronica seems to be very happy and contented with her new career. She had bought a smaller machine which doesn’t give her variety of patterns to meet customer’s demand. In September, 2016 after a needs assessment, the Job Creation programme supported Veronica in purchasing a knitting machine, this has transformed


her life;” my life is not the same, I have many customers buying school uniform and am now able to meet the basic needs”.

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